Cindy Sigal, LMFT


Individual Therapy

I help people work through a variety of difficulties including:

depression,  anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, mood disorders, healing from sexual abuse/trauma, PTSD, Complex-PTSD, low self-esteem, relationship problems, sexual and intimacy difficulties, managing ADHD, grief and loss, feeling like life is meaningless, feeling disconnected from one’s self and/or others, work-life balance, stress management, life transitions, mindfulness, and improved utilization of one’s strengths and resilience.

Couples & Families

When working with couples and families, I help them identify and break out of problem cycles. We work together to use the identified problem cycles as an entry into growth cycles for each individual as well as in the context of their relationship.

I also help couples heal from infidelity and rebuild their relationship so that it is more intimate, authentic, and rewarding. When appropriate, I help couples to uncouple in a manner that will cause the least harm to themselves and their families.


I lead various groups and enjoy collaborating with other therapists to lead groups. If you are a therapist and interested in collaborating, please contact me via email: